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Lagotto grooming

The head should be in the form of a ball so that front profile.

To do this the top of the nose should not be shaved.

The ear is short-range, without fringe on the edge, and the hair is cut to the height of the ear about one inch max (to do this you put your fingers between the ear flush with the flesh and the other hand you cut flush).

The topline is straight, slightly rising at the withers, the hair on the body and torso can be maintained at about two / three inches and on the upper thigh and shoulder

If you equip a mower, which will greatly facilitate maintenance, take in a professional, the dense nature of hair Lagotto does not accommodate a mower "gadget", and take a cutting head 9.5 mm and 13 mm and a side of a head of 3 mm; it allows cutting short avoiding the "razor burn."

The finishes are with an excellent pair of scissors a long enough,  for training of a pants right on the legs, and the back line

Some breeders advocate to completely mow the Lagotto at the age of four months to allow regrowth of adult curly hair typical of the breed.

This is not an obligation to do so, only an indication to accelerate the loss of his youthful Lagotto hair that does not fall naturally but gradually force brushings ...

I personally  fully never mow my dogs.

In any case, this practice will transform hair in a wavy curly hair ...


Ensuie it will be necessary to shorten the hair regularly especially if you intend to present on show. You should know that hair regrowth legs and head in particular can be very long and have four or five months.


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