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History of the Lagotto Romagnolo


Dog of medium size: 46 cm is the ideal size for males, 43 cm for females. The Lagotto is well proportioned, square built with a powerful musculature, a rustic, dense, curly coat of woolly texture.

Italian breed, from the region of Ravenna, with this unique feature in the world: truffle dog.



Former Italian water dog hunting waterfowl in the Commachio’s marshes. Due to the drying of the marshes towards the end of the sixteenth century, it was selected based on its fine nose and natural skills for truffle hunting: This selection has been refined over the last century and helped rescue this magnificent breed thanks to enthusiasts which include Quintino TOSCHI Antonio Morsiani and Gilberto Grandi.



Because of its strong emotional, the Lagotto has the mentality of a pet dog even if it remains very bubbly outside.

The Lagotto doesn’t enjoy life in a kennel which keeps it away from family life; it obviously, like any dog, needs daily exercise to enjoy a quiet dog at home.

This is a very intelligent dog, always with the desire to please its masters and therefore easy to train .



Because of its origins it has retained its taste for water and loves to swim in the ponds or rivers.

Because of its innate ability for truffle, its training is very easy and its interest is almost immediate from an early age; it is indeed not uncommon to lay puppies five to six weeks on a truffle and see them succeed without further efforts to find their first truffle. The rest of the education on this subject over the installation of traditional obedience commands: recall, sit, down, stop etc ...


Its main difference with the other truffle dogs is mainly this gift that makes the concept of work and stress does not exist and that the search for truffles is a game and complicity with its master.

Even if it is not a guard dog, it is still a good alarm.

Its coat requires at least a weekly brushing and clipping once a year, hair grows continuously but does not shed: This quality enables the Nordic countries where the truffle is not sought to be registered as a non-allergenic dog

Black and gray are excluded from the Lagotto, but its coat color could come from white to dark brown through all shades (orange, tan, chocolate) and mixtures (roan, spotted) .


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